Sunday, May 5, 2013

Henry's 4th Birthday Celebration

Ever since Audrey's birthday, Henry has been asking and asking about his own birthday. He really wanted it to be the day after Audrey's. Good thing he only had to wait ten days or we all would have gone crazy.

When the magical day finally arrived, it started out quite a bit like any other day. Audrey went to school. Dad was at work. Though, I do believe that his sister was the first one to wish him a Happy Birthday. She even beat me to it.

He requested Beanie-Weenies for dinner, his favorite! Grammy patiently agreed to make this for him, after the previous night's discussion failed to change his mind about it. ;)

Grammy and Papa had business at the MTC, so we started the present-opening festivities before the cake and candles event.

Grammy had noticed that one of Henry's favorite shirts was getting a bit small and found a replacement. Henry, as you can tell, was overjoyed. But, his enthusiasm reached new heights as the next gift was taken out of the bag.....

It's too bad a picture can't capture the giggle-squeal that came out of my boy at this moment.

So, we had to put it on right away and then the two kids raced around the house to self-made flying and other superhero sound effects.

Grandpa T sent "DOLLARS!" We counted them. He was very pleased to have four of them since he is four and he told us so... ;)

At this point, I think he was over the moon.

I think greeting/birthday cards still confuse him a bit.

Busy, Busy Town

Can we just imagine that these two are always this wonderful together? Yes, let's do... 

When the cousins arrived, we broke out the cake. (Henry requested strawberry cake with lemon frosting. It seems that he was channeling his father at the moment he asked.)

As it turns out, the frosting was too sweet for him and he didn't want to eat much more than a bite or two. We'll just have to mark that in our brains in case he asks for something equally interesting next year.

The gift from Audrey (even to her own surprise) was a stomp rocket. We put that to use a few days later, and I suppose I'll have to blog those pictures soon.

Every boy needs a matchbox car garage with ramps! It took both of his parents about a half hour to put it all together, which was a bit better than me putting together Audrey's My Little Pony castle by myself the week before.

Another lovely birthday. Simple and quiet, just the way we like it... it won't be long before friend parties are the order of the day... *Shudder!*

So, Happy Birthday to my boy! He's growing up so fast!


Anonymous said...

Fun stuff! The cupcakes were super tasty...

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...



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