Tuesday, April 9, 2013

In Which Zimbio Struggles to Categorize my Blogs

I Google my blogs occasionally, just to see what keywords bring them up.

One of my most recent blogs gave me the opportunity to use just a few keywords to be certain to pull it up. Of course, they aren't keywords that most people would put into a search engine.

I mean, who is going to put "David Tennant Metaphor Savior" into a search engine? Besides me, of course.

The odd thing was that it didn't bring up a link to my blog, but to Zimbio. Eh?

So, I clicked and found that I have several articles on Zimbio...

After my initial amazement and a fleeting thought of "Does this mean I'm published?", I actually looked at the blogs that caught Zimbio's attention.

Then I looked at the categories they fall into.

Then I laughed.

They list them in reverse date order, most recent first. So, my David Tennant blog came up first. That one was reasonably categorized. Category: David Tennant. Think of all the David Tennant fans that went to that article hoping for some news or something brilliant and went, "What??" Haha!

The second one was my Rio Tinto Center - U of U Natural History Museum blog. Can you say "dinosaurs"? Zimbio Category: Rio Tinto Stadium... um. Not quite, Zimbio. I'm pretty sure dinosaurs and soccer players have nothing in common...

Number three was The Cheese Factor and Neuroticism which humorously deals with my inability to eat out of food bags with less than a cup of food left in them. Zimbio categorized this little peek into my cracked sanity with Recipes... Yep. If you ever want to know the recipe for being neurotic about food, Zimbio has the right article for you!

On to number four article which was entitled Brand New Adventure. This sweet nugget of a blog is about my attempts to make preschool fun for both myself and my daughter. We worked on themes instead of plain old worksheets. The theme for this blog? Strawberries. The category Zimbio picked? Recipes. Okay, so I talked about food a lot in this blog, but there is nary a recipe in the whole thing.

The fifth "article" was a blog discussing the unkind remarks that Stephen King made about Stephenie Meyer. It was categorized under Stephenie Meyer, so Zimbio did okay on that one, like they did the David Tennant blog. This one is short, but most like an opinion article. So, I don't feel especially embarrassed about that one.

I can't say the same for number six. My Viva la Vida blog is merely lauding the song by Coldplay as my favorite at the time. I said a few things about the song and then proceeded to put all the lyrics down. That's it. The whole blog. Of course, I didn't write it in the hopes of launching a writing career. Zimbo put it in the Coldplay category, which is appropriate, but, again, fans who find that article will see it for the waste of space that it is in that setting.

The last was my Capers blog. This blog still makes me laugh. It's about my discovery of what capers are, what they taste like and my opinions about them. Since the running theme about my food blogs is that Zimbio thinks they are recipes remains constant, there it was, categorized in Recipes. Well, maybe some foody will find it and be mildly amused at my first capers experience. Who knows?

If you are interested, here is the link to my list of Zimbio articles. You can also look at my profile.. All of which were "auto-generated"... I think A.I. is still a long way off.

My guess is that most of my "articles" on Zimbio go largely unnoticed. I'm okay with that. But, Zimbio must have an awful lot of articles that have nothing to do with the categories they are placed in.

It sure doesn't give me any confidence in searching through their archives to find something useful.

Especially recipes.

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Trillium said...

Yeah. Some robot, no doubt, makes these decisions. I got conned into signing on to Pinterest because I was conned into thinking theyed have what I was hoping to find. SPBTLZZZZZZ! [SOUND MADE BY STICKING YOUR TONGUE BETWEEN YOUR LIPS AND EXHALING EXPLOSIVELY] What a waste of time.


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