Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Custom Magazine

Many years ago, my mother-in-law shared with me a binder she had which contained pages from magazines she had especially liked. She did not tear the pages out, but made copies of them and then put them in plastic sheet protectors.

I knew a fantastic idea when I saw one, so I started my own. I did not make copies as she did, ink too much an expense for me. I tore the pages out and merrily put them in the binder. Eventually, I accumulated so many magazines that my binder became three. I also had to start organizing so that I could reasonably find what I was looking for.

The smallest binder has recipes that I'd like to try or articles about food in general.

The next binder up in size has the most variety. The sections include things I love, indoor and outdoor decor, gardening, organizing, party ideas, family activity and vacation ideas, and personal pampering and indulgence ideas.

The third binder is, by far, the largest. It has hosting tips, general craft ideas, and plans for nearly every major holiday during the year. The holiday plans include crafting, decorating, party plans, gift ideas and much more. I also have several intact crafting and holiday magazines in the pockets of the binder, the ideas inside too many to justify tearing pages out.

Now, I have three binders that make a magazine customized completely to me.

Just a (very) small sampling of the pages, starting with a seasonal teaser!

(P.S. I've made these. Super easy!)

I'm perfecting my "oh, it was so easy, you wouldn't believe it!" laugh...
June Cleaver, eat your heart out! 


Love this overcoat! So pretty and feminine!

I told Ben I need to live in a place where this is my back yard. He is not adverse to the idea... ;)

Outdoor parties are my oxygen in the summer!

The best thing is that these binders contain only things I love.

The second best thing is: No Advertisements...


Rebecca said...

I have tried to keep things I like out of magazines. After a period of time I end up tossing everything.... I am far better at gardening. I collect rose bushes and plants.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...



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