Sunday, March 6, 2011

200th Post - Some things I've loved this week

The last few days of preschool have been fun, though nothing at all like I envisioned them.

On Thursday, we focused on shapes and sizes. I printed out a variety of shapes both large and small on paper and cut them out. I had Aud find a big shape and glue it on a piece of paper. Then she was to find the same shape but smaller and glue that on top of the big shape. I was worried that it would be too simple and boring for her but she was so pleased to be doing something that she understood completely that she giggled the whole time and was so proud of her paper with shapes glued to it. She wanted to show it to everyone!

Friday was Castle Day. I showed her pictures of real castles online and pointed out to her how different they can  be. I showed her a book called I Wonder Why Castles Had Moats. She was interested until we got about half-way through. Then she told me she was bored. I gave her a coloring page with a castle on it. She didn't want to color it and traced bear stencils on the back instead! When we told her yesterday that she could color the castle any color she wanted, she finally colored the tops of the towers.

On Saturday I read her three Dr. Seuss books, all of which I hadn't read in many, many years myself. I discovered that Fox in Socks is near to impossible to read fast or even at a normal pace. I had a craft planned but ran out of time. I'll have to save it for another time. :)

On all three days, she also did phonics on Starfall. I always have to encourage her to try new letters. She wants to go back to the letter A every day.

I think Henry is teething again. Two year molars. Yay.... So, needless to say, he's been somewhat grumpy and has a runny nose.

Ben has been gone since Thursday morning. As much as I have loved spreading out in bed, I am ready for him to come home.

At a recent trip to the thrift store, Ben brought over a couple of pillowcases while I was looking through the children's books. He knows I love toile and, at my enraptured expression, he put them in the cart. At $1 each, I couldn't resist! I sent them through the wash and found some pillows that fit just right.
 The details are lovely!
 I especially loved these three people. The only bummer is that they're on the back of the pillowcase and not the front.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could have a "Castle Day" but actually get to go to a castle...

Looks like you are having fun! And I LOVE the pillows. When I worked at the fabric store, it was really popular. You should go and check it out, it's pretty cheap at Home Fabrics.

Rebecca said...

hey! it's fun teaching our kids. Especially when they respond so well to the material.

Trillium said...

I always wanted to live in a castle, or at least a house with secret passageways.


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