Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kid Moments

Henry moments don't happen too often yet. Usually, when asked to say something like "Mama" he responds with an energetic "Duhaaah!" a la Timmy from South Park.
We keep telling him the names of things: Cup, Fingers, Ears, Toes, Aubergine... the usuals. He, however, is taking his own sweet time in giving us some satisfaction.
Thus far:

Baa! = Ball

Ksssh = Kitty

Dada = Dada (He mastered that one a long time ago.)

Hi = Hi (whaddayaknow!)

Recently he was sitting in his highchair having some lunch. I had been watching him and he looked straight at me, pondered for a few seconds and said, "Mamamamama!"
It was awesome!

Audrey has been up to her usual verbal tricks:

We were at Walmart and she saw a display with tricycles on them.
She ran over to them: I want to buy this.
Mom: Do you have $40?
Aud looks at her hands: No.
Mom: Well then?
Later on, she saw something else she wanted. The conversation was exactly the same except that she also looked inside her pockets to see if she had any money. Cute!

I was filing my nails recently and Audrey pointed to the nail file: What's that?
Mom: A nail file.
Aud: It helps your lips to grow?

At the dinner table to the tune of Old McDonald: I love butter on my bread, E - I - E - I - O!

Imagine when you change your mind mid-word: I have to go poo - otty....

Until next time... :)


Anonymous said...

Love it!

Kids and money are funny. Josh was carrying a nickle around Costco yesterday and telling everyone that he was going to buy a pizza with it. We ran into Sister Kunzler, and she said, "Let me know what place you find that will give you a pizza for that!" Hee hee!

Chris said...

Several weeks ago, we started giving our kids an allowance of $1 each week. We told them that they can choose to buy whatever they want, or they can choose to save up for something big. I told Tammy that I thought that Caleb would be pretty good about saving, where Jacob would want to spend it right away.

True to my predicition, that's exactly what is happening. Caleb usually wants to save up, where Jacob wants to spend his right away.

I'll have to see if this still holds true with President Uchtdorf's Marshmellow Experiment.

Trillium said...

Audrey must think money grows in pockets... or purses. It sure doesn't grow in hands.

Rasman Toes said...

Ooooh! I can't wait for this!

Cabin and Cottage said...

I do exactly what Audrey does when I go shopping! Hands first and then pockets--that's about as far as I get! Nanny

Rebecca said...

Tell little Audie that Aunt Becky loves butter on her bread! I will have to sing the song as I am buttering my toast :)

ShariSue said...

I laughed out loud! So sweet, Auntie Em! So glad I finally made it to the point of exploring the family blog... and all that is associated with it! Love to you all ~ ShariSue


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