Monday, June 7, 2010

Flowers on the Sill

I have not always been a lover of roses. For many of my teenage and early adult years, I thought they were campy, cliche and didn't really smell all that great. I think it must have been shortly after meeting Ben that I started enjoying these flowers. He was well aware of my feelings about them, but even so, every bouquet he gave me had at the very least one rose in it. He's given me many flowers over the years and always arranges them himself.

A few days ago, I happened to notice that several of the many, MANY rose bushes in the yard were about to burst forth in bloom. I grabbed my clippers and took a stroll through the back and front yards to find some vase-worthy specimens. After trimming them and cutting off the most offensive thorns, I popped them in a vase and took them downstairs. The first night I was amazed at the intense aroma coming from the blooms, especially the lilac. The second night, it was almost overpowering! (The vase is on the window sill just inches from my side of the bed.)
The purple one on the left is some sort of variety that looks like crepe paper when it opens.

There was only one white rose that looked ready to open and it's still, even today, sitting there in bud form.


I think I've become a bit of a fan in the past few years.

I believe I've come to appreciate the beauty, scent and romance associated with roses. Though they still are not my favorites, they have moved up the list significantly.

Summer has officially arrived and is exploding with color every day! Must be time for a garden party!


Anonymous said...

Ooo, garden party! I want to come! And I think we should wear dresses and hats!

I didn't like roses for the same reason for a really long time, but they have grown on me. Especially the yellow ones, and the white with pink edges... :)

Cabin and Cottage said...

Is the crepey one a peony perhaps? Gorgeous! JQ

Trillium said...

I didn't like roses either when I was younger--they seemed so pompous (like the pompous flowers in Alice in Wonderland). But I quite like them now.

Rebecca said...

I didn't like roses either. It must be a female Hyde thing... :) We must have gotten that from mom :)

I started loving roses when Victor continued bringing them home to me. Now I have over 40 rose bushes in my yard.

Victor searched for new varieties to plant in the yard. He has an amazing taste for these flowers.

I will fly in for a garden party.


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