Monday, December 15, 2008

Officially Surreal

It's official. We're having a boy! We found out at our last doctor appointment almost a week ago. I'm still having trouble wrapping my mind around the idea of having a boy. First of all, I know nothing about baby boys except the rumors that they have the knack of peeing all over when you take off their diaper. (Yay.)
For those of you who don't know, having a boy in the Thompson family is a bit of an anomaly. If my count is correct, by the time our baby is born, he will be the 15th grandchild, including stepchildren. Of those 15 grandchildren, he will only be the second boy to be born. The eldest grandson is now 15 years old! So, as you can tell, it has been a loooooong time since a boy has been born in this family.
Aside from me knowing virtually nothing about boys, the other potential problem we are facing is the fact that all the clothes, blankets and majority of toys have all been geared toward girls. We will also need to get another bed and probably a hundred other things I haven't thought about yet. (Yay.)
We were unintentionally smart about getting a non-gender specific carseat/stroller. Quite a lot of the baby toys (bouncer, activity pad, etc) have also been for boys and girls. I don't suppose our little boy will go lacking.. but it is a strain to think of what we will need.

In the meantime, I've been trying to fathom the prospect of "boy".... I used the words "your son" when talking with Ben a few days ago and he had to stop and think about that for a minute. So, just when I think I'm getting the hang of this mom thing... here comes another adventure that I feel utterly unprepared for.
Oh, and just a last minute thought... It's fairly easy to find a cute blessing dress for a baby girl.. but what about a handsome little suit for a baby boy??? Is there any way to make a white suit NOT look like a blast from the past, a la Saturday Night Fever?? I suppose we could just find a sweet little traditional suit, because, I'm sorry... we're never going to put a little boy in those blessing/Christening outfits that look like a dress. No flippin way!


Jen said...

Just bless him in regular Sunday clothes. That's what we did with our boys.

As for everyday clothes, just take your lil pumpkin girl's clothes and dye them blue.

Trillium said...

I wouldn't mind being the bearer of blessing clothes that are boy-like for little HHT. (Read that: can I? can I? can I?) :D

Anonymous said...

I will have to go through my boy clothes for you. They are just sitting in my storage unit, and since I intend to have girls (if I have any more children), you are more than welcome! When we come down for the blessing we will cart it all along. Or perhaps you will get a surprise in the mail... :D

Katscratchme said...

We would be more than happy for you to bring blessing clothes with you when you come down, Mom! Ben's only request is that you find something with a tie.. not a bow tie.. a tie.

(I'm not particular myself.. as long as it's not a dress....)

Zaphod said...

Having been on the the receiving end of BBBs (Baby Boy Baptisms, affectionately known as "threebees"), I wish you and yours well. (heheheheheheheh)

DebbieLou said...

Congrats! As for the boy thing, my experience has been that boys are roudy, but easier over all. Maybe I'm partial because lots of crying and screaming drives me insane, but hey, who's complaining?! I love my precious girl!

Trillium has great taste in blessing outfits, BTW. (Boy and girl kind) Good luck finding one with a regular tie though. I've only seen vest like suits or the bow tie thing, but it has been a while since I even went looking at stuff like that.

Frieda said...

I'm so excited for you guys! I think the name is adorable and having a boy is FUN. I wish I had more, especially if they turned out anything like Dominic. The best advice I could give you is stick to the rules you set, be a good example, and love him, love him, love him. And remember... you have a great partner to raise him with.


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