Thursday, September 10, 2009


Some funny things that Audrey said this week:

After Ben brought his bowl of Grape Nuts to the breakfast table:
"Daddy, what's that? ...... Pinecones?"

While watching me nurse Henry:
"Mama? Henry eating yours... um... Henry sucking... er... Henry is eating.. sucking....... poop."

Audrey ate the whipped topping and peaches on her Peach Shortcake, but upon getting down to the peach-soaked angel food cake:
"It's isgusting..."

In between shows on PBS, they listed the town translators against a nice landscape scene:
"That's weird..."


Anonymous said...

LOL! I love it when little kids can clearly speak their minds!

Rebecca said...

very funny! When Evan was about two we were living in the apartments in Ventura and we would visit Victor's parents from time to time.

One day we loaded him and Devlyn into the Sentra and he asked: "Where are we going?"

I replied: "insane"

We arrived at Victor's parent's house 15 minutes later and Evan blurted out: "This isn't insane! This is grandma's house!"

We laughed for days!


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