Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Haircut

Okay, so I don't have a picture yet since Ben took my camera with him to Arizona this weekend, but I got a new haircut on Friday. It's pretty amazing what a nice clean (light) haircut will do for you. I got a faux hawk.. yes, sortof like a mohawk, but not. I found a picture online.. it's not as cute as mine (since I'm so cute) but it will illustrate what I'm talking about.
The sides are really short and the top is cropped so that it comes to a point in the center. A little gel (or expensive salon "Taffy") and *poof* Fauxhawk!

So, the haircut (or haircute if you like... heehee) isn't quite what I was wanting to talk about exactly, but you might say it caused the events of today. Indirectly.. or directly.. I'm not sure.

I was getting dressed for church today and was thinking.. "If I'm not careful, I'm going to look like a boy in a skirt. THAT wouldn't be good." I pondered for a while about that. Now, I know I wouldn't really look like a boy in a skirt, but I certainly wouldn't look like a cute little feminine mommy. That has almost always been a stretch for me, though.

So, I figured the cure-all for that was a splash of makeup. I haven't worn makeup in more than 3 months since I'm usually too tired or too confident to even bother... Ben told me once that I didn't need makeup and I've been taking him completely to his word ever since. I now only wear makeup when I darn well feel like it.

So, all cute and femmy, I walked into church with Audrey throwing fits next to me. (She didn't want to be there.) One of my good friends (who has had really awful pregnancies herself) leaned over a pew and said: "Hey! How are you? Are you feeling better? You look like you're feeling better."
I, a triffle confused, said: "Oh, it depends on the moment, but I'm okay right now."
She said: "Yeah, I thought so, you have some color to your face!"


Anonymous said...

Heheh! I would LOVE to see a picture...Hopefully it wouldn't make me want to cut off all my hair... I like that! Haircute. I think it makes more sense, and it makes getting a haircut seem like a great thing to do. "You are getting a haircut today?" "No, no, no...a hairCUTE..." So you would have a hairCUTEr who does it to give you a nice hairCUTE, get it...

Trillium said...

A bit of makeup does WONDERS. It does SUCH wonders for me, that I know that if people happen to see me without it, they are shocked speechless. (Of course things become really sad when I already have makeup on and someone thinks that I should put on my makeup. . . . LOL)

nessesse= cosmetic line for people who REALLY need makeup

Rebecca said...

i am really happy when I don't have to wear make-up. I try not to wear any during the weekend.

Allisa just got a haircute yesterday. She is sooooooo cute! She looks like a peppy cheerleader. Oh, wait a minute, she is a peppy cheerleader!!!!!!!!!!

facipe: similar to recipe, except for the face... :)

DebbieLou said...

I look a lot younger without make-up on, and even younger depending on how I do my hair. Just ask Becky about the one time a waitress miss took me for Dave's daughter. We all were rolling with laughter for days on end.

Rebecca said...

it's true... Debbie looks like David's daughter - and it was really funny!

Zaphod said...

I want to grow a beard and have long braids.

Trillium, however, wants her man..... CUTE


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