Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'd rather be Farming

Since morning sickness kicked in, I have become a couch potato... sitting in a semi-reclining position takes a good amount of pressure off my tum. So, I have acquired a lot of TV Time...

My TV week officially starts on Tuesday since there is practically nothing airing on Monday night.. except Heroes, but I'm hopelessly lost when it comes to Heroes since I haven't watched it since half-way through season one.

Tuesday: Fox is my friend and I watch House (loooooove it!) and Fringe (learning to looooove it!). I can't help my ridiculous attraction to a horribly sardonic doctor who I desperately want to prove he's a good guy, but I'd be instantly uninterested if he did. Fringe, for me, is like a new, fresh version of The X-Files without aliens... so far. The scientist dad guy makes me giggle... a lot.

Wednesday: Two of my favorite shows are on at the same time on Wednesday. America's Next Top Model and Project Runway... good thing for DVR! Ben and I watch Project Runway together... I'm just sad it's over for this season... Finale was last night. As for that, I totally disagree with the Yahoo! critics who think this year was subpar... I thought the talent was AWESOME and I think the winner was AWESOME! Go Leann! Ben hates ANTM.. he got really annoyed last night when I wanted him to stay with me in the Family Room while I watched it. I am starting to think that the people that get booted off have more to do with "politics" this year.. I don't always get the logic behind the reason why these girls are sent home... speaking of girls.. don't get me started on one of the "girls" this year.. ugh.

Thursday: Woohoo for The Office. Steve Carrell is so histarical! He is an HR nightmare and yet I love him! I think The Office is one of the funniest shows on TV right now.

Friday: America's Toughest Jobs was on on Friday nights.. but for some inexplicable reason, they switched it to Saturday this week. Great show.. but like most reality shows, these "real" people are super annoying.

If nothing (I.E. The Presidential Debates) is on, I play Harvest Moon.... Ah... I'd rather be farming.


Trillium said...

I am not a fan of any of those shows; the only one I've seen any episodes of is House. BTW--did you notice the "photo" of G-Ma's doctor in her last blog? I thought YOU especially would get a kick out of the picture.

I guess I also saw a few episodes of Heros. I quit watching when it became confused as a result of the writers not knowing what to do next.

Two new shows this season that I saw 2 episodes (each) of and won't be watching anymore: Life and Eleventh Hour.

I saw this week's episode of The Mentalist -- I probably won't be watching it any more either.

SO: More time for genealogy!!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I "broke" our antenae so we don't get any of the fuzzy channels we got before. So, we just watch mini-series I buy on Amazon. :) Yay! I really liked "Fringe" but, as far as I know, you can watch the episodes online, so I don't feel too bad about not watching it every week. I have to say that life has become more pleasant without watching TV and Jeremy and I get more quality time together.

DebbieLou said...

I haven't had much time for TV for a while, unless I'm folding laundry or doing dishes. The Discovery Health channel used to be my favorite until we had to get rid of the extra channels. I agree DVR's rock... unfortunately we had to get rid of that too in order to lower our monthly obligations.


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