Friday, September 12, 2008


Dr. Lewis is moving. He's been my doctor for 14 years or so and he's running away to Utah.. just like everyone else. I found this out a day or two before I went to his office to get my pregnancy verified, certified and prescribed.

As usual, he was pleasant and bland. If Dr. Lewis were a color, he'd be frosted glass, like a Christmas Tree ornament. It doesn't glow of it's own accord, but requires a 1 watt bulb to bounce light around on it's surface. He perked up just a little (he must have been REALLY excited) when my pregnancy test came back positive and wondered in his bemused way why I needed to come to his office to check if I was pregnant since I already took a test. I told him (trying hard to not sound irritated) that I needed to check with him that my medication levels were okay for the pregnancy and also needed something from him in writing stating I was pregnant for the medicaid office. His confused little smile made me want to smack him. I didn't ask him about getting blood tests for iron levels or anything because it seemed rather pointless since he was leaving in a few weeks anyway.

So, I am now searching for a new doctor and am in possession of my medical chart so that transferring to that said new doctor will be smooth. I am not excited. I wonder if my OB will take me on as a General patient... probably not.

In looking at my medical record, it was interesting to me that I only go to a doctor if I'm sick, need a refill/bloodwork, or if I'm pregnant. It seemed that my issues pre-marriage were bronchitis, resperatory tract infections and other cold/flu type problems.. my issues post-marriage were migraines and hypothyroidism. Let the jokes insue... I can't think of any right now.

I'm tempted to not worry about getting a regular doctor until after I've delivered but my luck would be getting horribly sick in the middle of January and needing antibiotics.

I'm sorry if this blog has been a bit wander-some... I've been a little scattered in the noggin for the past few weeks.


shydandelion said...

My OB wandered up to Salt Lake. I am not too sad, since when I was delivering Joshua she was a Nazi. The doctor on call for Eva was a nice old guy who is in the same office as my old OB so I figured I would just sign up with him. I still haven't found a GP, but hopes are high! I don't envy you. Finding a doctor you like is annoying.

Trillium said...

You could always find out where Doc Lewis is moving to and move there too! Just kidding.

As for "scattered in the noggin"--I am getting worse and worse every day: I AM LOSING MY MARBLES!!!

You need to move up here and help me find my marbles.

Jen said...

Check it out.

John medical records said...

The medical patient record is essentially a history of each patient and contains documentation regarding the patient’s former symptoms, diagnosis and treatments.

Raesha D said...

Oh my gosh! Dr. Lewis is our doctor too - we've been going to him for about 10 years. I'm dreading finding a new doctor. Hubby and I have a little nickname for Dr. Lewis... "Mr. Talkative" :):)
BTW - do you have an email address for Dave?? Or could you pass mine along to him??? I'd love to hear from him and catch up. I've considered adding Frieda on my facebook but I'm not sure how she would feel about that since Mike and I used to date.


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