Saturday, September 6, 2008

I don't hate you...

I heard a really great line on a sitcom not too long ago. The scene involved a young man chasing a woman down a hallway and trying to get her to talk to him. He says something to the effect of "I know you must hate me..." and she says, "I don't hate you. I nothing you." Wow.

I laughed so hard at the surprising rudeness and pure unabashed brutal honesty of that comment that I've been giggling over it ever since. I have also been trying to think of any reason at all for me to use it personally. (I'm mean, I know!)

I'm struggling with this because I don't know anyone that I would actually say that to because "I nothing you" is almost as mean as "I hate you." In some respects, it's meaner because few people actually mean it when they say "I hate you." They usually just mean "I strongly dislike you." To say "I nothing you" is nothing other than the absolute truth. I've been pondering over this and I'm afraid that there isn't anyone I have met that I have no feelings about whatsoever. It's so dismissive, like you're throwing away the person themselves, not just the relationship. There are definately people that I'd rather not associate with but that falls more into the "I find you distasteful" lines.

It's a very arrogant remark too and I fall a bit short of arrogant, merely flirting with the self-centered category. I am usually so concerned with how people feel that I couldn't possibly think of them as beneath me. (Although I did actually say once that someone was beneath my notice! True story. I'll tell it sometime.) I am also usually very cautious about what I say to people because I know that it can be misconstrued and feelings can get hurt where no hurt was meant. So, I typically think very carefully about what I say before I say it, trying to determine how it might be taken by the other party(ies).

I suppose I'm too nice to say something purposefully mean to someone. I tend to suffer through tense moments in a relationship, rather than say anything truely hurtful. Ben says it's a good thing that I'm that way.

I suppose that the tiny little devil inside me will always mourn that she got stuck inside such a concientious, long-suffering nice-girl that cringes a little every time someone raises their voice in the heat of debate or argument.


shydandelion said...

Wow... I don't have "I nothing you" people. I have "I have no respect for you as a human, and the fact that you suck and remain in my life is almost unbearable" people, and "you think you are smart, but by trying to prove you have more brains than me you show me that you only have a dried up pea that rattles around in that big balloon of hot air you carry around on your shoulders" people. Maybe I just care to much to "nothing" people. Too passionate, I guess.

Rebecca said...

Dara needs therapy. Just kidding.

I have experienced "I nothing you", but only after the person has done something so horrible that I can not let myself be affected by that person that I generally have to "throw" them out of my exhistance. This has only happened once or twice.


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