Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Funny Things

Some funny things that Audrey has said recently:

To her cousin, "Eva, I love your hair. It's so tangly."

At dinner time a couple of weeks ago she burped and we prompted her with the usual, "What do you say?" hoping for an excuse me... instead... "Mooo!"

At lunch time today, sleep-deprived Ben was trying to remember something and said, "I've lost my head." Audrey, after a moment's thought, laughed and said, "Dad, you didn't lose your head! It's right there!"

Since Ben recently started a new job (YAY!) there has been a period of transition going on wherein we tell Audrey that Dad needs to go to work and that she'll see him later. She's so used to having him home as he has been for the last 8 months. Yesterday evening, she was playing with her model Giraffes on the stairs. This is the pretend that I overheard:
"Dad, you want to play with me?"
"No, I have to go to work."


Trillium said...

The grandpa thinks "Mooooo" is so funny that HE now says it. (In response to bodily belches of one kind or another.) :)

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ha! I love the "tangly" one. :D

Rebecca said...

both comments are cute... :)

Nanny said...

I love Audrey's expression in this photo. Now that you're not around anymore it's so nice to get a sense of how the day to day stuff goes with the babies. Love your blog.


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