Saturday, August 8, 2009

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we (Me, Ben, Audrey, Henry, Joe, Sasha, Maia, Jade, Ric and JQ) went to The Sandia Man Cave for a nice little hike. The hike up to the cave was a bit longer than I remembered from the first time I went years ago. The landscape was gorgeous though. After exploring the cave a bit, just up to the first dropoff, Ben and Joe decided to do a bit of repelling.

While Ben was sitting at the top of the cliff waiting for his turn, Audrey spotted him way up there. She started yelling her "Hi Daddy!"'s up there... then she said, "Daddy! You're in the sky!"
Sooo cute!

Afterwords, we walked back to the cars and had a little picnic in the trees. Poor Jade eventually curled up next to me because Audrey was so excited to pet a dog and wouldn't leave her alone.

Audrey, Maia and Jade the dog.

We had a great time and everyone went home nicely tired!


Anonymous said...

Time Warp...Memorial Day was, like, TOTALLY last spring!

Katscratchme said...

I didn't get the pictures until just before we moved... and then with the move... ick.

Rebecca said...

great pictures. I am not sure about the repelling... it repells me... :)


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